Why Companies Are Moving to Text-First Communication

Did you know that there are 23 billion texts sent worldwide each day? When customers value a quick response over a lengthy amount of details, it makes sense that businesses would be pivoting from email communication to text or Whatsapp. Yes — texting is the new email! Here’s why we recommend communicating by text instead of more traditional communication methods, like email or phone.

1. Texting is most efficient in solving a customer’s urgent problem.

When customers need to get in touch with you urgently — for example, a pipe leak or a fuse box blown out, texting is typically the quickest way for them to reach out. There’s a sense of urgency conveyed through texting, not conveyed in other modes of communication. Customers have a problem they need you to solve when they reach out this way, and you have a solution!

2. Your customers are already comfortable with texting.

In modern life, we typically communicate by texting with friends, family, neighbors, and even our dog walkers. We aren’t as keen to pick up the phone or send an email to confirm plans or ask questions in our personal lives. Texting is within your customer’s comfort zone, and likely yours too!

3. It conducts two-way communication with ease.

A text is the easiest and most reliable way to reach customers, and it’s the best approach when you need a quick answer from the customer or to reschedule an appointment. This reason goes both ways as well. Texting can accomplish this when your customers need to confirm timing or share any information that requires a quick interaction.

The benefits of being a text-first company far outweigh the cons. Always be sure to get your clients’ permission before you reach out to them first. As a best practice, texts should be sent within business hours (unless customers are reaching out with an emergency!) and should be responded to quickly.

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