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How can I change my notifications settings?
You can change how you’re notified in the Settings page under “Team Members”.
How do I add more agents / users to Fuzey?
To add more agents, simply drop an email to your Fuzey Account Manager - please provide their first name, last name, and email address and we'll take it from there.

Communications & Channels

How do I find out my Fuzey number?
Your Fuzey number is listed in your Settings page under Account Overview.
Can I port my own number into Fuzey?
You can, though this is a lengthy process, and you’ll lose your number from your current SIM card. To proceed, we’ll need your PAC code, which you can request from your current carrier. If you’d like to find out more, contact your Fuzey Account Manager and they will assist you.
How do I get WhatsApp for Business?
WhatsApp Business is a professional WhatsApp account which you can apply through your Fuzey Account Manager. Please provide your Facebook Business ID and they will submit an application for your business.
How do I connect Facebook Messenger to Fuzey?
To connect Facebook Messenger, head to the integrations hub in your Settings page and click “Connect” in the Facebook Messenger box.
How do I connect Instagram Messenger to Fuzey?
To connect Instagram Messenger, head to the integrations hub in your Settings page and click “Connect” in the Instagram Messenger box.
I can't connect my Instagram account to Fuzey - how can I fix this?
Three things need to be true to allow you to connect your IG account to your Fuzey account:
1. You need to be have an Instagram Business account
2. Your Instagram Business account needs to be connected to your Facebook Business account, and
3. You need to be the admin of that account on your Facebook Business settings page.
Where can I edit my templates?
You can edit all of your templates in the Templates tab within Settings.
How do I make calls using Fuzey?
You can make calls using Fuzey by opening a conversation with a contact in the Inbox, and clicking the “phone” icon in the top right hand corner of the page. This will dial the contact as well as the agent whom is assigned to the conversation.
What's the cost per SMS message?
This depends on the package you’ve signed up for with Fuzey. For each plan, there’s a set number of SMS messages that is included on a  monthly basis. This accounts for any communication between your team and a contact within Fuzey.

The allowances include:

- Starter: First 250 messages are free every month
- Growth: First 500 messages are free every month
- Professional: First 1,000 messages are free every month 

Beyond these levels, SMS charges are applicable as per our pricing overview which can be found here.
How much does SMS campaign messages cost?
SMS campaign message pricing for UK and Ireland can be found on this link.

For pricing outside of UK and Ireland, please contact us on WhatsApp
Why can't I send SMS Campaigns to all of my contacts?
There are a few things to check here - firstly, are all the customers to whom you want to send a campaign set to “subscribed” under marketing preferences? Secondly, are they all captured under the appropriate tag? If both are true, you can create an audience with all the customers you’d like added, and send them a campaign.

Payments & Accounting

How do I connect Xero to Fuzey?
To connect Xero, head to the integrations hub in your Settings page and click “Connect” in the Xero box.
How do I connect Quickbooks to Fuzey?
To connect Quickbooks, head to the integrations hub in your Settings page and click “Connect” in the Quickbooks box.
I can’t send payments even though I’ve managed to in the past
Try disconnecting and reconnecting your accounting / invoicing software and reattempt, as sometimes the integration needs to re-sync! If that doesn’t work, please contact your Fuzey Account Manager and we'll get you back up and running ASAP.


How can I upload my customers into Fuzey?
You can upload your customers into Fuzey in the Contacts page - which allows you to upload a CSV file containing all of your customers. Please note that if you don’t use the exact format provided in the sample CSV, the upload may fail, so best to copy and paste your contacts into that spreadsheet.
How do I find a contact I’ve created?
You can search for your customers in the Contacts page, or in your Inbox. Our search feature allows you to search by phone number, first name, or last name.
How do I delete a contact?
To delete a contact, please request this from your Fuzey Account Manager.
How do I delete a tag?
You can delete tags from a contact by clicking “Edit contact” in the Contacts page, which you’ll find in the triple dots (…). Once you’ve popped up the contact, you can edit any of the tags therein.


How do I add the Fuzey website widget to my website?
You need to add it to the header code of your master page in your website editor page. To learn more, check out this article on our blog.
Where can I generate the code for my website widget?
To generate the code for your website widget, simply request from your Fuzey Account Manager and we'll get you set up ASAP.

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