The Importance of Responding Quickly to Customers

We’re living in a time of instant gratification — where we can order food or transportation all from apps on our cell phones. As services and customer service have evolved, the speed at which customers expect responses has too. And the best way to respond promptly is via text message! Here’s five reasons why it’s important to respond to customers quickly.

1. Reminds customers that they are essential to your business

Without your customers, you don’t have much of a business, it’s true! Responding quickly to customers makes them feel important which is a key factor that influences them becoming repeat customers and wanting to work with you again. After all, who doesn't want to feel valuable?

2. Maintains customer loyalty

Customers are less likely to seek other businesses for the same service if you respond quickly. They’ll have the assurance that you will respond timely to any future concerns or issues that they have, and because of that, they’ll want to stick with you!

3. Promises quality

A fast response time to customers or potential customers demonstrates that you care about quality in your work. When customers can witness that you care about quality, they will choose you over a competitor. Quality is generally at the top of the list when a customer is deciding between you and a competitor!

4. Creates good customer satisfaction

When customers feel that their concerns and questions are taken into account in a timely way, they are more likely to be happy with your services. Responding quickly to customers results in them feeling more pleased with you and your services — improving customer satisfaction. And the more satisfied a customer is, the more likely they are to return!

5. Eliminates the Competition

When you respond quickly to a potential customer (most easily done through text!), you eliminate their need to shop around for other businesses. You can secure a future customer this way before the competition even has time to return their call.

The more urgent the problem, the more crucial it is that you respond promptly. A customer with a burst pipe or a blown fuse box isn't going to sit around waiting for you to call them back, they're going to move on to the next tradesperson on the list.

In summary, make sure to respond to your customers quickly!