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Switch to SMS marketing with Fuzey

December 29, 2022
2 min
Fuzey now allows you to send SMS Messaging Campaigns to your contacts.
Switch to SMS marketing with Fuzey

Fuzey now allows you to send SMS Messaging Campaigns to your contacts.

Did you know that SMS have open rates of 98% vs. 20% for email? And reply rates of 45% vs. 5% for email?

Never let your marketing and product updates go unnoticed with Fuzey SMS Campaigns 🚀

Watch our brief tutorial to find out more!

How does this help you?

Marketing campaigns 📢

  • Send special offers and news about your products and services with the click of a button! 🎁
  • Monitor the success of your campaigns using our in-built reply-rate analytics feature 🔍

Segregate your customers 👀

  • Use our new marketing preferences to mark customers as subscribed, not subscribed or unsubscribed, ensuring you don't accidentally send marketing messages to customers who aren't happy to receive them 🤐

How does it work?

STEP 1: Start your campaign 🗣

Simply navigate to the SMS Campaigns button on the left side of your screen when using Fuzey on desktop.

STEP 2: Define your audience 👂

Upload a CSV of customers you would like to message, or choose an audience based on tags.

Note: Please ensure all the customers in your audience are set to Marketing Preferences: Subscribed, or they won't receive the campaign.

Fuzey SMS Marketing

STEP 3: Build your campaign 🧱

Add the message that suits your business and presents your brand best. Personalise it with a dynamic first name field that automatically updates depending on the recipient.

Stay compliant with GDPR by adding "unsubscribe" text with the click of a button.

Fuzey SMS Marketing

STEP 4: Time your campaign ⏰

Schedule your campaign for a day and time that fits your audience best, to increase the odds of your message being read, or send it right away.

STEP 5: Hit send! 🕹

When you're ready, hit send! Sit back, relax and watch your new campaign go out!

What's next?

Zapier Integrations 🧩

Later this month, we will be releasing our first iteration of Zapier integrations, giving us (and you!) access to Zapier's library of over 5,000 apps that you can connect to Fuzey!

See it in action

Schedule a live demo with one of our product experts and find out how Fuzey can help grow your business!

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