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Generate tailored responses to customer enquiries

December 29, 2022
1 min
Generate tailored responses to customer enquiries

Fuzey is harnessing the power of machine learning to allow you to create professional responses to your customers, saving you time and energy, and freeing you up to run your business! 💪

Thanks to OpenAI, Fuzey now offers an autosuggest feature in your inbox.

Read on to learn more 🥸

How does this help you?

Send tailored responses with the click of a button 🪄

Respond effortlessly to customers with professional messages, generated by a conversational language model, which takes into account context, tone, and personal details*.

How does it work?

STEP 1 👀

Simply look out for the blue ‘suggestion’ box underneath a customer’s message. Click “Generate a reply message” for a suggested message.

STEP 2 🪄

If you like the message and want to paste it into your message box, click “Use it”, and hit send.

*ChatGPT is a technology in its early stages, so all suggested replies might not always be perfect. Please check that you are happy with your reply before sending.

What's next?

Inbox improvements 👥

Later this month, we will be releasing improvements to the Fuzey inbox, including marking messages as unread, and advanced options for organising mailboxes in the Fuzey platform.

See it in action

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