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Build your website popups with Fuzey

December 29, 2022
1 min
Build your website popups with Fuzey

Capturing the contact details of your website visitors can be really valuable when trying to grow your customer base. Our new Website Pop-up builder helps you do just that!

Watch our brief tutorial to find out more! 👀

How does this help you?

Collect leads from website traffic 🚥

Website pop-ups are a great way to advertise special offers and build your lead list, ensuring you capture those interested potential customers as they browse your website.

Customise your website with a pop-up 🎨

Make your website your own with our fully customisable Website Pop-up, complete with a space for your company logo!

How does it work?

STEP 1 ⚙️

Navigate to the settings page of your Fuzey account and click on the Pop-up tab.

STEP 2 🎨

Design your Pop-up and hit save to generate your HTML code.

STEP 3 🎉

Paste the code into the header of your website builder, and you're done!

Please check out these instructions if you're unsure on how to do that.

What's next?

User Permissions 👥

Next month, we will be releasing our first iteration of User Permissions, which will allow you to better control what your team is able to do on Fuzey!

See it in action

Schedule a live demo with one of our product experts and find out how Fuzey can help grow your business!

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