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Integrate Fuzey with your other processes via Zapier

December 29, 2022
2 min
Integrate Fuzey with your other processes via Zapier

Fuzey now allows you to connect to Zapier, unlocking their library of over 5000 applications!

Zapier is a solution that helps businesses connect their tools, creating workflows and automations (called Zaps) that save them loads of time. Your Zaps can include one or several tools from a library of over 5,000 applications, and Fuzey is now one of them 🥳

This gives you the chance to build automations that are triggered from events within one of your existing tools (e.g. CRM, Website, Facebook, Shopify...) that result in actions within Fuzey (e.g. create a contact, send a message...) or vice versa.

Watch our brief tutorial to find out more! 🧩

How does this help you?

Connect your existing software to Fuzey 🔌

With Zapier connected to Fuzey, you can now integrate your whole software suite together. Connect your CRM to create new contacts, send automatic messages to customers when a sale is completed, gather leads from your website and automatically create them in Fuzey, and so much more.

Trigger actions from Fuzey 🔌

Connect Fuzey up to trigger actions in other apps when Fuzey sends a message, such as updating information on your CRM.

How does it work?

STEP 1 ✍️

Sign up to Zapier here:

STEP 2 🪄

Follow the magic link we'll provide to enable Fuzey on Zapier.

STEP 3 🧱

Log into Zapier and start building your first Zap - you will need your API key, which can be found in the settings page of your Fuzey account, under the Integrations Hub tab.

STEP 4 🧩

Start playing!

What's next?

User Permissions 👥

Next month, we will be releasing our first iteration of User Permissions, which will allow you to better control what your team is able to do on Fuzey!

See it in action

Schedule a live demo with one of our product experts and find out how Fuzey can help grow your business!

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