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Start saving your contacts!

December 29, 2022
1 min
Start saving your contacts!

We're excited to share that Fuzey users can now start conversations with customers more easily and store their contacts in the platform itself! How does it work? 👀  

Check out the video to learn more.👇

Starting conversations

Start conversations with existing or new contacts seamlessly. Users no longer have to insert individual phone numbers or search the conversation list.

  • Find existing contacts quickly using the conversation search bar
  • If starting a conversation with somebody who's not in the diary, add them in with a single click

Storing contacts

Using the new Contacts page, users can better manage their contacts in Fuzey.

  • View all existing contacts and the available messaging channels
  • Create new contacts to store all your customers' details
  • Edit contact information to capture new phone numbers and addresses
  • Merge contacts and avoid duplication

How does this help you?

Our latest developments bring you closer to your customers by making it even easier to send outbound messages. By storing your contacts, you'll always know who you're talking to! 🤝

Want to try for yourself? If you're already a customer, check it out in Fuzey or contact your Customer Success Manager to find out more. If you're not a customer, schedule a live demo below! 🎥

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