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Make your messages more professional with ChatGPT

December 29, 2022
1 min
Make your messages more professional with ChatGPT

You can now use ChatGPT on Fuzey to make your messages more professional in a heartbeat!

Have you heard of the AI chatbot ChatGPT in the news recently? It’s pretty exciting - a conversational computer model that can interact with users like a person - you can learn more here:

Fuzey now uses ChatGPT to improve your messages with the click of a button 🪄

How does this help you?

Using ChatGPT, you can now use AI to quickly professionalise messages to your customers 🥸

How does it work?

Simply type a message (or use a template), and click on the magic wand icon to improve it! 🪄

You can use Fuzey Copywriter when composing a message or an email, or when drafting a SMS marketing campaign.

See it in action ▶️

Fuzey ChatGPT

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