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Fuzey now integrates with Facebook and Instagram!

December 29, 2022
1 min
Fuzey now integrates with Facebook and Instagram!

Fuzey is excited to introduce Instagram and Facebook to its suite of integrations! With a combined 2.5 billion monthly users, you can now attract more leads by allowing potential customers to contact your business on their preferred channel of choice - all from a single inbox!

How does this help you?

Engage with leads to drive sales 🚀

Why risk losing new business to slow response times? Fuzey's new integrations will allow you to qualify and convert new leads faster.

Retain your customer base 🤝

Meet your customers where they are and make it ultra easy for them to contact you. Nowadays, your customers are expecting real-time, instant support. Don't let them down!

Finally, do what you love ❤️

Spend less time on administrative tasks. Allow yourself to focus on higher-value and strategic initiatives to build a successful business!

How does it work?

Connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts in seconds using our new User Settings and Integration Hub. Once connected, users can:

  • Receive all inbound messages to their Fuzey account
  • Send any form of media from text, images, videos and voice notes
  • Merge new leads with existing contacts

See it in action

Schedule a live demo with one of our product experts and find out how Fuzey can help grow your business!

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