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Create template messages with Fuzey

December 29, 2022
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Create template messages with Fuzey

Templates are a great way to communicate with your customers and respond to common queries in seconds! With our latest release, users can create and manage these directly from their Fuzey platform.

Why does this help you?

Automate common responses and get back to your customers instantly 🚀

Why not save yourself time from repeating the same answers? 💤 Templates will allow you to provide professional and uniform responses to leads and customers faster, without sacrificing a personalised approach.

Qualify and convert new business faster 💸

By responding to your customers instantly, you're able to handle inbound messages more efficiently and as a result, convert more leads.

How does it work?

Create template messages with Fuzey

Template Settings

Find your templates from the Settings screen by following a few simple steps:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Go to the 'Template Messages' tab

Create template messages with Fuzey

Creating Templates

Click 'Create' and enter the required fields:

  • Choose a Title, Shortcut and select the Channels this template should be used for
  • Add Custom Fields to personalise each message e.g. automatically add contact first names to all messages

WhatsApp Templates

Templates used for WhatsApp conversations must be submitted to WhatsApp for approval.

  • WhatsApp usually approve most templates within  24- 48 hours, after which it will become available for use.
  • The Status will be shown in the Settings page as 'Pending Approval' and once approved, will automatically update to 'Approved'.
  • Whilst pending WhatsApp approval, your template will be available for use in any of the other channels enabled e.g. SMS, Instagram, Facebook and Email.

Using Templates

Here are a few tips from the team that will save you heaps of time 🏃‍♂️

  • Favourite your most-used templates and Fuzey will pin them to the top of your templates list for quick access.
  • Use Shortcuts to quick reply to messages e.g. enter '/annual' and Fuzey will auto-fill the template message.

In case you missed it...

Omni Channel Chat Widget

Omni Channel Chat Widget 💬

Make it easier than ever for your customers to contact you from their preferred messaging channel. Rather than managing multiple inboxes, all their messages will funnel straight into your Fuzey inbox!

Website Contact Form beta

Embed Fuzey's Contact Form on your company website to ensure all leads are being pulled into one location.

Email Channel beta

Our latest communication channel is available in beta mode. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to enable this on your account.

What's coming up?

The Fuzey team are always working on exciting new features and our latest developments will offer automated messages, payment request reminders and review links. Automations will allow users to get paid faster and boost their online reputations without adding more to their to-do lists! ☝️

We're also working on SMS Broadcast Messaging so merchants can instantly message contacts at once without having to spend a fortune on external advertising. 💸

See it in action

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