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Automate your work with Fuzey!

December 29, 2022
2 min
Automate your work with Fuzey!

Fuzey now allows you to automate various admin tasks, giving you more time to focus on managing and growing your business, and reducing your daily stress.

Watch our brief tutorial to find out more!

How does this help you?

Payment reminders 💸

Spend lots of time chasing for payments?

Set up recurring payment reminders to ensure customers pay you in full: on time, every time.

Welcome messages 🗣

Make sure you get back to prospects immediately with automatic replies that keep potential new customers warm.

Booking reminders 🗓

Set up timed reminders to ensure customers never forget a booking, so you don't get stood up on the job.

How does it work?

Automation settings

Find your automations from the Settings screen by following a few simple steps.

Navigate to Settings and click on the 'Automations' tab.

Enabling automations

Click on the automation you would like to enable and enter the required fields.

Review and customise the text of the automated message.

Decide when the message should be sent, and whether it needs to be repeated.

What's next?

Broadcast messaging 📢

Send marketing campaigns with the click of a button.

See it in action

Schedule a live demo with one of our product experts and find out how Fuzey can help grow your business!

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