Customer Story: Conlans Group

Updated: May 20


Fuzey Customer Story: Conlans Group
Fuzey Customer Story: Conlans Group

Conlans Group, is a family-owned business providing unparalleled customer service in automotive sales and repairs, with brands such as BMW, Jaguar, and Land Rover.

How it started

Debbie Ennis, an After Sales Retention Manager at Conlans BMW, manages hundreds of customers each month.

Debbie found that her day-to-day customer interactions were significantly limited by the company’s existing messaging system. This was mainly due to low character limits, lack of integrations, and a dated interface.

Conlans Group contacted Fuzey after hearing about the all-in-one inbox features, interested in creating an optimal experience for their customers.

A customer-centric business, Conlans was also keen to understand how Fuzey could improve their online presence, particularly in terms of gathering a greater number of positive online reviews.

How Fuzey is helping

With Debbie’s assistance, Fuzey integrated the messaging platforms of four Conlans dealerships, streamlining their entire customer communications systems into an easy-to-use platform.

Fuzey also enabled the Conlans sales and post-sales team to collect payments and request reviews, all with the click of a button and from one single interface. Conlans used Fuzey to collect reviews from happy customers, receiving a response rate of over 50%.

Overall, streamlining customer communications with Fuzey has enabled the Conlans team to focus their resources on keeping their customers happy and satisfied, rather than on dealing with unnecessary customer admin.

“It takes less than 30 seconds for us to collect a review from a customer, and we've seen an increase in Google Reviews thanks to using Fuzey.” Debbie Ennis - Conlans BMW


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