London Locks is a locksmith business based in Bow, East London. Manager Lloyd, who is an MLA accredited locksmith, started the business in 2004. Lloyd loves his profession. He sees locks as puzzles: new challenges to solve every day.

Lloyd and his team have been using Fuzey for the last year.

How it started

Before Fuzey, Lloyd and his team were receiving customer enquiries on WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, email... It was easy to miss an enquiry, and it took a lot of the team's time to monitor all the platforms and ensure fast response times.

"It was a struggle to reply to everyone in fair time. Obviously being a locksmith is quite time sensitive. People need us when they need us, and if we're even 10 minutes late replying to a message, then we might lose that customer".

Fuzey seemed like the all-in-one solution which could solve their problems!

How Fuzey is helping

Fuzey onboarded London Locks integrating all their communication channels in one place. The team can now reply to customers from one centralised inbox, no matter where the messages are coming from.

Fuzey has just consolidated all the enquiries to make them speedier. Everyone gets a reply in real decent time. We secure a lot more of our work and turnover has increased.

Even though they initially onboarded Fuzey because of its all-in-one inbox functionalities, London Locks quickly started using the app for payments too. The team was collecting payments via email or card, but there were issues with both, and they had been struggling to get paid in time. Email payments would take days or weeks, and the card machines would often run out of power or insufficient signal to function. The ability to send payment links via message has been a game changer for Lloyd and his team. They can now send their invoices before they get to the customer address or after the job is done... They can send a payment link to an account or an email address that they know will reach the customer, because they have been contacted on it. They experience far less resistance to payment through Fuzey, and the automated payment reminders certainly help.

We get paid so seamlessly now in comparison... The card rates are cheaper than than our old card supplier and bank transfer is an option, which is even cheaper than card.

Finally, Fuzey has been able to help London Locks' grow their reviews like never before. They had collected around 300 reviews over the last 10 years. Since they've taken on Fuzey, they have continued delivering an amazing service to their customers, and managed to obtain 118 additional, genuine reviews by sending requests via Fuzey. What an achievement!

The customer approaches us on WhatsApp, sends us photographs on WhatsApp, pays on WhatsApp, and reviews us - all on WhatsApp. Half of the reviews are about how seamless the process has been for the customer, which from our point of view couldn't be better.

Lloyd and his team have been enjoying using Fuzey and their business has benefited from the solution. If you think you could benefit from using Fuzey just like London Locks have, do not hesitate to get in touch at or get started filling the form below!

I love the way it seamlessly brings together all our emails, social media, everyone trying to get in touch with us. It pulls it all into one location, makes replying absolutely seamless, allows invoicing directly from the app, which means we no longer have to carry payment machines, we don't have to email customers invoices, we don't have to send receipts and we don't have to trace people up for reviews. The reviewing from within the app is incredible.

To learn more about about how Fuzey has been helping London Locks manage their customer communication, payments, and reviews - all from one app - watch the full video interview.

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