Noses to Tails, a professional dog grooming company based in West London, United Kingdom, started when two professionals from the midlands realised that their pets had a hard time adjusting to London’s busy environment.

How it started

Charlotte Baker, Noses To Tails’ founder, was frequently in the middle of grooming when prospective customers would call, often asking for information or wishing to be booked in. Managing these incoming conversations was made all the more difficult with some customers messaging via SMS, others via WhatsApp and other channels.

She reached out to Fuzey after seeing an advert on Facebook, hoping to find a way to manage all these unconnected channels in a more organised way.

How Fuzey is helping

Fuzey enabled Charlotte and her team to consolidate all their customer channels into a single place, which meant that her whole business could be run via the Fuzey platform on her smartphone.

Fuzey’s bank-to-bank payments system has also ensured Charlotte spends less time worrying about cashflow, as the payments are instantaneous, and more time ensuring the dogs in her care are happy with well-looked after.

With Fuzey, Charlotte is now looking at expanding her business, having gained significant time-savings from the reduction in her admin burden, and turning that freed time into more jobs. And with less time picking up the phone, Charlotte’s dogs are much happier!

“With Fuzey, I never miss a new customer. And being able to manage all my bookings, reviews, and payments from a single place makes my life a whole lot easier”

If you think you could benefit from using Fuzey just like Noses to Tails have, do not hesitate to get in touch at or book a demo filling the form below!

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