Auto Recode is an auto locksmith business based in Telford, England. Liam and his team have been in business for the past 8 years, starting as auto electricians and specialising overtime.

Liam and his team have been using Fuzey for the last 18 months.

How it started

Before Fuzey, Liam and his team were receiving customer enquiries on WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, email... It was easy to miss an enquiry, and hard to ensure fast response times to customers in need. At the same time, it was stressful and time consuming for the team at Auto Recode to keep on top of all the channels.

"It was hard to keep on top of because you have so many different channels. You've got Facebook Messenger, you've got WhatsApp, you've got your text messages. It's all very messy and time consuming to look between them all, but now, literally, you just look on one screen, you get everything there and it's just seamless."

Fuzey was the multi-channel solution that could solve their problems!

How Fuzey is helping

Fuzey onboarded Auto Recode integrating all their communication channels in one place. Moreover, Fuzey implemented a contact form on Auto Recode's website, as well as an omni-channel widget - both send customer enquiries directly to the Fuzey multi-channel team inbox. This way, the Auto Recode team can easily monitor all the customers messages that come in, and reply quickly from one centralised inbox.

"Fuzey increases our conversion rate like you'd never believe. It just makes everything so seamless from a customer making the enquiry form and we can literally reply to them with a template within half a minute."

A part from the contact form and widget, which have made the customer experience even smoother and allowed Auto Recode to increase their conversion rates, Liam and his team love the Fuzey automations and templates. Their quote template, for example, allows them to reply to a customer within seconds and include all the information the customer needs with the click of a button. It saves the team time and lets them avoid typing the same information over and over again: only the pricing needs to be manually added in each reply.

"Templates are the best thing since sliced bread. They make everything so seamless."

Finally, Fuzey has been able to help Auto Recode grow their reviews like never before. Before, they had little luck obtaining reviews by simply asking customers to find them on Google Maps and leave a review. Sending the review link via message directly through the customer's preferred communication channel makes the process really easy and effective.

Fuzey's payment features are also a handy solution for the Auto Recode team, allowing them to collect payments smoothly at the end of each job, and to save money on the transactions which are completed via Pay with Bank.

To learn more about about how Fuzey has been helping Auto Recode manage their customer communication, payments, and reviews - all from one app - watch the full video interview.

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