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SMS & WhatsApp: a new standard for customer support

December 29, 2022
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SMS & WhatsApp: a new standard for customer support

With so many ways to connect — Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs, WhatsApp, etc — businesses are finally able to better reach their customer bases on a more personal level. In fact, connecting with customers via messaging apps is the new customer relations protocol.

According to recent data, the number of mobile users utilising message apps exceeded 3 billion in 2021 alone — which is projected to reach upwards of 3.51 billion by the year 2025. What’s more, these new portals of communication are much more accessible and efficient when it comes to serving customers.

Not to mention, more and more customers expect businesses to respond via multiple platforms, and more recent data suggests that over 66% of consumers are more trusting of brands that are available on social media and messaging apps.

Customers Are Getting Impatient

Of course, today, customers don’t just expect businesses to communicate with them through these platforms — they also expect their responses to be prompt.

At least 83% of consumers expect a business to respond to them within 24 hours. As much as 44% actually expect a response within an hour or less.

This is because social media has created a path in which brands can speak directly to their consumers. However, the expectation of instant communication doesn’t equate to an expectation of an immediate solution. Consumers really just want to know that they are being acknowledged because they are valued.

How to Be More Responsive While Providing a Personalised Experience

Keeping up with social media platforms in an attempt to connect with your customer base is actually much more complicated than it seems. And, if you were to also use SMS and WhatsApp as a mode of customer support, things could be even more overwhelming. It is not easy to maintain low response times and be on top of so many different channels.

With an All-in-One Inbox solution like Fuzey’s, you would be able to deliver more personalised messages to your customers on the channels they prefer while having a more organised way of ensuring you respond to them in a timely fashion.

This is especially beneficial for the small business owner with less manpower, and All-in-One Inbox solutions like Fuzey are the key to remaining super responsive by lowering the risk of missing important customer inquiries.

Fuzey centralises all incoming customer messages in one inbox, regardless of where they’re coming from. This means all of your Instagram, Facebook, SMS, WhatsApp and email will come to you in one place.

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