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Landline and email won't cut it to engage customers

December 29, 2022
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Landline and email won't cut it to engage customers

There are so many different ways to communicate nowadays... It’s hard to know the best way to engage with your customers.

Is it your landline? Emails? Website contact form? Text messages? Messaging apps? Social media?

While there may not be one way to communicate that does it all, it’s most likely that there are a few ways combined that are the most effective way to communicate with your customers.

Here’s why using only a landline and email won’t cut it when engaging with your customers.

1. You need a website

On a website, you can house essential information pertaining to your business, including hours, services, testimonials, and your mission. A website is an excellent place for information that won’t change often and that customers can visit to make appointments, sign up for your services or contact you if needed.

2. Customers prefer to send messages

It’s convenient, quick, and easy — most of your customers likely use SMS messaging or other messaging apps to contact friends and family and chat with people when at work. If you restrict your communication to only landlines and email, you’ll miss out on a sure way to engage with your customers and one that’s likely their preferred method!

3. Most people (and businesses!) use social media, too

Social media, including Instagram or Facebook, are ideal platforms to post news and updates and are easily digestible by your customers. They are already online, scrolling Instagram and on these other platforms anyways, and posting updates here can reach more people than sending an email (which likely won’t be opened) or calling. Similarly, because your prospects are already scrolling on social media, why not giving them the chance to get in touch with you directly on these platforms?

Landlines and email aren’t enough when communicating with your customers anymore because those are no longer the main ways we communicate. Messaging and social media are here to stay and offer a well-rounded and strategic approach when engaging with your customers. A mix of communication mechanisms is the most effective communication approach!

At Fuzey, we know that being present on different channels can be daunting for a local business. How can you stay on top of all your enquiries when they can come via so many different avenues?

Fuzey's all-in-one inbox is there to help, catching all your leads no matter where they come from: SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Email.

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