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How to choose a WhatsApp team inbox

December 29, 2022
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How to choose a WhatsApp team inbox

Communicating with customers through instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp is becoming the gold standard for customer service delivery, and more and more for marketing. Just a few years ago, email held this position, but the speed and immediacy of instant messaging, alongside its open and reply rates, are making these platforms more appealing to consumers and businesses alike.

A WhatsApp team inbox can give your staff an advantage over the competition, but there are a few things you need to consider when choosing the right inbox for your team. Here are the functionalities you should keep in mind when evaluating your options!


A WhatsApp team inbox allows you to assign new leads within the company or individual teams automatically. This means customers can get a fast response without waiting for a manager to direct leads. Lowering the response time for inquiries from 30 minutes to five minutes increases your chances of converting a lead into a sale by 20 times!

It's also easy to chat with other team members and include them in customer communications, which keeps everyone aligned and allows other team members to contribute their expertise when needed. Managers can monitor their teams and help out in real time, as well as easily track performance to improve customer service.

Automation and Workflow

WhatsApp team inboxes allow you to use templates and automation to improve efficiency. Your team can respond to customers faster without significantly increasing their workload. Automation can be as simple as adding an automated welcome message for new leads or a payment or booking reminder for existing clients. But WhatsApp team inboxes can also support more complex workflows that involve your other tech stack. It's time to stop thinking of WhatsApp as just a simple messaging platform and embrace its power as a comprehensive communication tool.


If your business is already using a team inbox, it's important to check whether it integrates with your other tech stack. If not, you're missing out on opportunities. A WhatsApp team inbox that integrates with your existing processes can be extremely effective: you could connect it with your online store to automatically send abandoned cart messages, or delivery updates... Or you could link it to your lead sources such as Facebook or Google Ads, or your website contact form, and send a welcome message anytime someone submits an enquiry!


Analytics can show you how well your team inbox is performing for your business. A good platform will provide actionable insights that managers can use to improve overall team performance. For example, you could find out whether your response time has gone up, and find out why, so you can act before the situation worsens.

Marketing Tools

Does your platform allow you to create newsletters or broadcast messages? These can be powerful tools to connect with your contacts.

WhatsApp newsletters are messages sent from a business account to an opt-in list of contacts. WhatsApp broadcast messages are sent to everyone who has your number saved in their contact list. Both types of messages are received like individual messages and tend to have high engagement.

It's important to obtain consumer consent before sending messages, and a powerful platform like a WhatsApp team inbox allows you to register consent through your website so you can start marketing right away.

Connecting to Other Channels

Wouldn't it be great if your team could access and manage all relevant communication channels from one single inbox? This way, you could reach customers - and let prospects and customers reach you - on their preferred platform, without limiting their options to WhatsApp... All this, without adding the extra work of keeping up with several communication channels, apps and inboxes!

An all-in-one inbox like Fuzey's allows you to keep all conversations in one unique inbox, regardless of the source.

A WhatsApp team inbox can transform your marketing and customer service processes, but it's important to choose the right one for your needs. An all-in-one inbox like Fuzey's can provide everything you need to improve communication and efficiency within your team, all while putting customers first!

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