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How messaging saves you time

December 29, 2022
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How messaging saves you time

The benefits of messaging are plenty, but perhaps the most significant is the time savings it provides during your work day.

Phone calls can be essential because they quickly address an issue, but unfortunately they typically take a lot of time and require your full attention.

Here’s how messaging can help reduce the time you’re on the phone and save you time during the day because, as we know and as they say, time is money.

1. Messaging reduces the number of calls you receive

Unplanned phone calls are disruptive and pull you away from the task you're currently focusing on. It’s not the call so much that’s distracting, but that it takes more time to become refocused after the call. On marketing materials, you can specify that customers and potential customers can text the number and most people will choose to do that over a phone call!

2. It allows for multitasking

Messaging can come in straight to your laptop or smartphone — allowing you to easily switch between tasks, such as answering emails and text messages, and scheduling follow-ups as needed. It’s easy to send a text message, help a customer moments later, and come back to finish the two-way messaging without forgetting what you were doing. Phone calls typically require your full attention!

3. You’re more likely to engage in two-way communication with customers or potential customers

People are often more comfortable texting than they are talking on the phone. This is something we typically do day-to-day. Messaging is often easier and more convenient, while there’s less of a barrier between people doing this than there likely can be with phone calls.

If you’re eager to cut back on the amount of time you’re on phone calls during the day, messaging is a sure way to do this. And it will result in two-way engagement as well. Happy messaging!

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