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Giving your customers a great payment experience

December 29, 2022
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Giving your customers a great payment experience

Even though customers may not necessarily remember a good payment experience, they will surely remember a bad one. It can keep them from returning to use your service again or even walking away before using your service. As a small business owner, you know how essential repeat customers are. We’ve rounded up five ways to ensure you give your customers a good payment experience to keep them coming back to you!

1. Provide multiple payment options

With the constantly changing payments landscape, customers appreciate flexibility in payment options. Consider expanding your payment processing capabilities across your platforms and services to help adapt to what your customers need.

We now have a Pay with Bank feature that allows you to easily send invoices and process payments from customers, directly from your Fuzey inbox. Your customers can pay instantly from their bank with one tap of a button, and you get paid immediately and with nearly zero fees. Consider using it for an easy payment experience for your customers.

2. Integrate your payments!

This step can improve your customer experience and help payments be processed quickly and securely. For example, if customers have to navigate to another site to pay for your services, they may lose trust in your business, and question the security of your payments system. Integrating payments creates a positive payment experience from start to finish for your customers.

3. Maximise payment security

You can take a few actions to ensure that your customers have a secure payment experience. Show customers you value security by having reliable credit card processors and by including security details in FAQs on your website so that it is easily accessible.

4. Brand, brand, brand everything

To help customers feel secure and confident in your business, make sure your brand is visible through the entire payments process. This will help customers feel a sense of trust in your brand and business.

5. Reduce the number of steps in the payment process

Creating a direct route to payments means that customers can more quickly and have a better experience, too. If processing payments means the customer will be sent to another website, or if there are many steps, there is a risk they could decide to take their business somewhere else, and you may lose them as a customer!

Creating an easy and quick payment experience for your customers will help retain them and ensure they remember you for future business too!

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