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3 ways to adopt customer-centricity in your business

December 29, 2022
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Here are some ideas of how you can adopt a customer-centric shift in your business!
3 ways to adopt customer-centricity in your business

We’ve all heard the saying “put customers first,” but what exactly is customer-centricity?

It involves putting the customer first and at the centre of everything you do in your business. Customer-centricity doesn’t just mean keeping customers top of mind in your everyday operations but instead integrating them into each part of your business processes.

To be customer-centric means truly understanding your customers so that you can know what they need, want, and how to have successful and long lasting relationships with them. The most common way to retain customers is to put them first, and the first step to shifting your business to be more customer-centric is to ensure everyone involved in your business supports this shift! This includes people of all positions involved in your local business — from administrative works to leadership.

Here are some ideas of how you can adopt a customer-centric shift in your business:

1. Ensure all employees practice customer-centricity

First, you need to ensure that all employees are on board and supportive of this shift. And not just that; that they are living it out as well. This includes from the very first impression you or an employee has with the customer, whether it’s an email or a face to face conversation, to any interaction you have with one of your favourite, regular customers.

2. Gather customer feedback

It’s great to get into the habit of asking customers for feedback. The information from this feedback will be extremely valuable in knowing what your customers want and need from your business to keep them as repeat customers. You can also notice patterns in feedback, such as if you're receiving the same feedback from multiple customers and can make an overall change in your business to benefit everyone!

3. Play the long game

A long-lasting relationship with a repeated customer is more valuable than a one-time customer. Forming a relationship, remembering their preferences, empathizing with their situation, and taking action on the feedback you receive directly from them will result in your customers feeling known, valued, and more keen to come back and work with you again. Retaining loyal customers is less expensive than sourcing new customers and should always be a priority.

Adopt the perspective of customer-centricity in your business and watch the relationships with your customers flourish, and your one-time customers quickly come back to work with you again!

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