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Keep your SMS and WhatsApp marketing GDPR compliant

December 29, 2022
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Keep your SMS and WhatsApp marketing GDPR compliant

When you’re running a local business, you’re always looking for new ways to reach customers. Chances are you’ve heard about SMS and WhatsApp marketing, and since most people have smartphones, this is indeed a great way to reach people.

Open and reply rates for these communication channels are also impressive, especially when compared to emails (you can read more about why SMS marketing is effective in one of our past blog posts).

However, just like there are spam laws to worry about when you send an email, there are some regulations related to SMS marketing that you should know.

Here’s a quick look at SMS marketing GDPR compliance, so you can stay out of trouble while you’re marketing your business!

First Off: What Is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, and it’s a privacy law that protects people who live in Europe and the UK. These rules govern how data can be collected, stored and used, and it applies regardless of where the company that holds or processes that data is based.

Step 1: Make Your Opt-In and Opt-Out Options Clear

Just like email spam laws require you to offer people a clear way to opt-in and out of receiving your messages, SMS marketing GDPR compliance requires you to do the same. This could be as simple as telling recipients to respond STOP or NO to stop receiving messages.

Step 2: Don’t Collect More Information Than You Need

The best way you can’t get in trouble for mishandling personal data is not to collect it! So make sure you only collect the information you actually need from your prospects and clients.

Step 3: Have Prospects and Contacts Choose Their Contact Method

Just because you collect a phone number does not mean you can use it, according to SMS marketing GDPR marketing rules. You also have to ask people to specify that they want to receive communications there.

Step 4: Limit Access to Personal Data

It goes without saying that you should always store personal data on a secure server. But you should also limit who has access to it. Only people who genuinely need to use this information, and have the right kind of authority, should be able to access and use personal data.

Step 5: Make Sure You Tell Customers What You Will Use Contact Information For

One of the requirements for SMS marketing GDPR compliance is that consent must be informed. So be sure that you let your customers know what kind of messages to expect. You could tell them that you will send news, discounts, or essential business information. Just make sure it’s clear what they can expect to get by opting in.

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