Why SMS Marketing is Effective

There are many different choices you can utilize when marketing yourself to potential customers. But, how do you know which is the best or most impactful option? SMS marketing is a relatively new marketing method but highly effective. You may not have facilitated an SMS marketing campaign yet yourself, but you’ve probably been on the receiving end of marketing via SMS from another business. There are many reasons SMS marketing can be more effective than traditional methods — here are the top reasons:

1. It is successful in reaching people.

Your customers may not have time to read an email, or look closely at a brochure in the mail, but a text message takes little time to view. Especially since your customers or potential customers are most likely already on their phone, texting regularly.

2. SMS Marketing is adaptable.

You can use SMS marketing to campaign for various aspects of your business, from special holiday discounts, introducing a new product, or even checking in with past customers you haven’t heard from in a while and secure more business from them.

3. It’s quick!

SMS marketing is quick to draft and quick to send. You can prepare a text message in a matter of minutes. And unlike other types of marketing campaigns, you don’t have to spend time designing or extensively editing the message. Because SMS messaging requires little preparation, you can use it to communicate offerings and deals as soon as they are formed, increasing your chances of gaining even more customers.

4. It’s Engaging

Did you know 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of being sent? SMS messages also have the unique capability to open up two-way communication between you and your customers, creating an open dialogue — ensuring this type of marketing is more impactful than other types.

5. Cost-Effective

It can be time-consuming and expensive to design, craft, and edit other forms of marketing. SMS campaigns can be executed with speed and a near to nothing cost — saving time and money. Win, win.

SMS marketing is an easy and effective way to reach your current and potential customers. Before you do more expensive and time-consuming outreach, consider sending a quick text message!