How to beat Micro Delays

At some point in your career, you’ve likely faced the question, “How can I be the most productive?” While many factors go into productivity, one that has significant influence is micro delays.

So, what exactly is a micro delay? A micro delay is anything that pulls your attention away from the task at hand. It could be a text message, an email, a conversation, or a small ask from a customer. You step away to do the small thing, and your attention is focused on something else. These distractions come from all angles and pull your focus away from your priorities.

How do you ensure you don’t succumb to the many micro delays that can come up during the day when you’re working for yourself? Whether it’s different messages from clients, an emergency, or even a small interruption can lead to a waterfall of interruptions and before you know it, the day’s nearly over. Now more than ever, we depend on technology for work, especially when communicating with clients. Here are some ways to reduce distractions and increase focus — ensuring the success of your business

  1. Create a plan.

  • As you begin each day, make a list of priorities you need to get accomplished — ensuring that these tasks stay top of mind throughout your day, even with distractions.

  1. Eliminate distractions (where you can!).

  • You might need to keep your phone on to respond quickly in emergencies in your profession, but you can eliminate the mindless scrolling you do during downtime at work that leads you down a rabbit hole of possibilities. Getting rid of distractions such as these frees up other times you can use them when with customers.

  1. Make yourself comfortable

  • Before you head to a job, make sure you have everything you need — eliminating any back and forth that might occur or getting up many times to seek out what you’ve forgotten. This is one of the best ways you can avoid micro delays!

There you have it! Each of these tactics can have a positive impact on your productivity, and help combat micro delays that turn into macro delays!