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Why your business needs a multi-channel inbox

December 29, 2022
2 min
A multi-channel communication inbox is the answer to your problems. Learn why in this blog post!
Why your business needs a multi-channel inbox

Keeping up with all your leads and customer enquiries can be a headache, particularly when you're a local business owner with a growing team. If you're trying to keep track of all your communication channels without delegating to your team, there's a chance that missed leads, unaddressed enquiries and suboptimal customer service are a regular occurrence.

This is where Fuzey's multi-channel inbox comes into the game, bringing together all your customer communications into place regardless of what platforms they come from (SMS, WhatsApp, email, or social media). By letting you assign conversations to agents when you deem it appropriate, Fuzey's multi-channel inbox gives you the opportunity to tag team with your employees - so you can finally start delegating and take that holiday you very much deserve!

Now that you know what a multi-channel inbox is, let's see what are the top reasons why your business needs one today.

1. Messaging is here to stay

SMS, WhatsApp and social media messages have quickly become the favourite communication options due to their being accessible, quick and simple to use. Perhaps most importantly, these communication methods boast a high open rate (up to 89%) and an equally impressive response rate of 45% (vs. just 20% and 5% respectively for email). This makes them valuable platforms for local businesses to create meaningful connections with their customers, and sell more.

With Fuzey's multi-channel inbox, it's easy to use all these different communication platforms and still stay on top of all of them. At the same time, you can make your processes more efficient through templates and automations that allow you to lower your response times and deliver a superior customer service.

2. Your customers want choice

Making your local business available to your audience on different communication platforms means that they'll be given the choice to pick their favourite one, the one they deem most convenient to them. A multi-channel inbox consolidates different channels into one place, so you can easily monitor prospect and customer enquiries no matter where they come from. Delivering a superior customer service is easier than ever with Fuzey, and juggling several communication channels is a long lost memory.

3. No missed opportunities

Being available on different channels is essential if you don't want to risk losing a lead to a competitor... But keeping up with all the different accounts and apps can quickly become overwhelming, or transform into a series of missed opportunities. With a multi-channel inbox you can manage everything from one central place: stress and error free!

4. Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Delivering superior customer service doesn't have to be only your responsibility. That's where Fuzey's multi-channel inbox can help. Assigning conversations to agents allows you to tag team with your employees, so that everyone can join forces to deliver the best customer service possible.

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