Why you should have a work phone number

December 29, 2022
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Why you should have a work phone number

One of the main benefits of having a work phone number is splitting up your work and personal life. Why is keeping your personal life and work life separate so important?

1. Maintain your mental health

The inability to separate work and your personal life can lead to over-extending yourself, more stress, and dealing with burnout. Burnout can lead to bigger underlying mental health issues, if left unaddressed, like depression and anxiety . Keeping your work and personal life separate by having a different phone for work will allow you to take care of your mental health (without interruption from work!).

2. You can maintain business hours

With a separate work phone number, you’ll be able to keep set business hours — leaving work at work and enjoying your personal life without interruptions from your business. As a bonus, anyone who calls after business hours will be greeted by a professional message, showcasing the legitimacy of your business as well.

3. Manage your time effectively

Keeping a separate phone for work will allow you to manage your time well during working hours because you know that you won’t always be available throughout the day. In fact, working after hours has actually proven to be less productive.

4. Customers will trust your business more

When customers call and are greeted with a company-related message, they will automatically trust your business more than if they called and were met by your personal voicemail. A work phone number adds credibility.

5. You’ll be able to ditch the phone after business hours

Having a separate work phone means you don’t always need to have your phone on you for fear of missing a business call. This will allow you to be more present and enjoy your time off of work! You might even enjoy doing activities without your phone!

There you have it — five reasons why having a work phone number is beneficial to you and your business.

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