Why you need WhatsApp Business

December 29, 2022
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Why you need WhatsApp Business

First thing first, what is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is a new feature of the well known and loved WhatsApp that allows businesses to message their customers directly from the WhatsApp messaging platform securely.

This new feature allows messages to be tied directly to a single phone number and provides a business profile. This means that customers will immediately know who they are messaging rather than receiving a message from random phone numbers.

Using WhatsApp for your business can be beneficial and easy. Here’s why:

1. WhatsApp Business makes it easier to message your customers

There are a few great features of WhatsApp Business, including automating responses and labelling messages under different groups. It also has the capability of scheduling messages. You can also generate an away message when it’s after hours, or you’re not open on holiday. This means your customer will always be in the loop, even when it’s after hours or you can’t respond.

2. You can pin messages

If there are messages you’d like to prioritise or need a follow-up, you can pin the conversations on WhatsApp to the top so that those who need a response don’t get lost in your inbox.

3. WhatsApp Business allows you to customise your profile

With this feature, your customers will be privy to your brand right away and get to know your brand from the start of the first communication. You can also add your hours and showcase products and services you want to highlight!

4. It’s accessible for your customers!

Most people already have and use WhatsApp on their phones, and it’s also global! It’s easier for customers to engage with you on WhatsApp than through a website.

5. It’s free

It’s a communication tool that can be used in place of SMS messaging, with more strategic aspects, and it’s free. As someone who owns their own business, you understand firsthand the importance of saving money.

Fuzey allows you to integrate Whatsapp Business and other messaging platforms into one inbox. To learn more, check out our website or book a demo filling the form below!

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