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What is a WhatsApp newsletter and how to send one

December 29, 2022
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What is a WhatsApp newsletter and how to send one

A WhatsApp newsletter is a single message sent from a business to multiple recipients on its contact list, also referred to as a broadcast message. It is a great marketing strategy because it requires the business owner to generate only one text message and appeal to several potential clients. Furthermore, the recipient sees the message as an individual chat that promotes personal interaction between the business owner and the recipients.

Through WhatsApp marketing, you can achieve maximum customer response and engagement with minimal effort from the business end.

Why use the WhatsApp Newsletter?

Several benefits come with using the WhatsApp newsletter as a marketing tool.

  • Chances are incredibly high that your intended customers are on WhatsApp as it is the most popular messaging app.
  • It guarantees that your recipients will see your message, as no messages go to spam on WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp supports several media formats, so it is possible to craft your message in the way you think will appeal more to your customers.
  • Recipients also do not get to see who else got the message, so it gives a sense of personal selling, and the recipient feels that their individual needs are addressed.
  • Provided your recipients are active WhatsApp users, sent messages will get a 100% delivery rate, with most of them getting opened and read almost immediately.

WhatsApp Business App vs. WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business App is designed to cater to small businesses and individual owners, while the WhatsApp Business API is meant for enterprises with larger message volumes. The WhatsApp Business app is free to use; however, it is laden with several limitations, including but not limited to the following:

  • The business account is limited to 256 contacts per broadcast list.
  • Unverified businesses are allowed a maximum of 50 conversations within 24 hours.

Moreover, only with WhatsApp Business API companies can computerise communications with automated replies, WhatsApp chatbots, and interactive messages.

It’s worth remembering that WhatsApp Business API can only be accessed through WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (BSPs), like Fuzey. Fuzey specifically integrates your WhatsApp business profile and other communication channels all in one inbox.

Using the WhatsApp API through a provider, however, comes with financial costs, which include fees imposed by your BSP (setup, monthly…) and costs per conversation.

The first 1000 conversations are free for all WhatsApp business API users each month; otherwise, the users pay a set fee for each conversation. Prices differ depending on whether the customer or the business initiates the conversation. You can learn more here.

How to send WhatsApp newsletters with the WhatsApp API

Keen to get started? Here are the first steps you need to take in order to send your first WhatsApp newsletter.

Find a business solution provider

There is a limited number of BSPs worldwide as WhatsApp has set very high standards to be satisfied by platforms that wish to become one. Finding a WhatsApp Business API provider allows you to use their interface to generate automated messages, manage lists, etc., without coding.

Get opt-in consent

You can set up sign-up forms for your clients, where they agree to receive messages from your business. As the recipient's consent is a requirement, make a point of doing this before the first WhatsApp newsletter is sent.

Submit templates for approval

It takes 48 hours for the Meta team to complete a review, but the API provider typically makes the process easy.

Choose your WhatsApp broadcast list

Select the contacts to whom you would like to send your newsletter.

Send/schedule your message

You can send your newsletter immediately or set a specific time of your choice when it will automatically send out.

Tips on Getting Started with WhatsApp Newsletters

Collect phone numbers and marketing consent

A great way to collect customers' phone numbers and their consent is by adding a link or QR code directly to a WhatsApp chat to your website. When opening the chat users will already see a consent request prompting them to reply confirming their desire to opt-in. You can entice the customer by offering incentives such as $10 off their first purchase above $50. This starts the conversation for you and continues after the customer leaves your website.

Tailor your campaigns

Knowing your audience and being able to distinguish the different interests among them is essential. This way, you can make separate lists and promote relevant offers to the respective groups.

For example you could send:

  • Tailored offers to customers who have purchased certain items
  • Back in stock notifications to alert contacts you have requested to be added to a waiting list
  • Tiered Black-Friday promotions depending on the number of purchases your customers have made in the past

Always submit your templates to the Meta team for approval before sending them.

Engage your contacts on multiple channels

Your customers can be reached through different platforms based on individual preferences. Fuzey enables you to connect all your communication lines in the same space. You can communicate with all your customers across all platforms: SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and email, all from one inbox!

Ready to get started? Book a demo below to find out how Fuzey can help you kick-start your WhatsApp marketing!

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