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Integrating your marketing efforts and CRM

December 29, 2022
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In this guide, we’ll explore the different marketing tactics small businesses tend to use and the potential issues with these approaches. We’ll also discuss how Fuzey can bridge the gap to provide a less stressful and more productive experience.
Integrating your marketing efforts and CRM

By 2025, experts expect global marketing spending to reach $4.7 trillion!

It’s common for businesses to spend a lot of money on marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) products. However, increasing spending doesn’t always produce better results.

If you don’t properly integrate your marketing strategy and CRM software, you may end up wasting time and losing conversions.

In this guide, we’ll explore the different marketing tactics small businesses tend to use and the potential issues with these approaches. We’ll also discuss how Fuzey can bridge the gap to provide a less stressful and more productive experience.

Key marketing channels for small businesses

Small business owners often rely on the following marketing strategies to connect with potential customers or clients:

Email Marketing

Email marketing allows brands to connect directly with current and prospective customers. Many brands rely on tools like Mailchimp to manage email lists, create campaigns, and monitor critical metrics (open rates, click-through rates, etc.).

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing uses text messaging to communicate with customers or clients. Brands often use this approach to share personalised promotions or special discounts.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising options like Facebook Ads and Google Ads involve bidding to display ads in prominent locations (such as at the top of a search engine results page) and to specific audience members.

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating, sharing, and publishing content online, with the intent of generating and converting leads through website contact forms and widgets.

How to know if you're doing it right

You’ve likely seen some success from the methods discussed above. However, they also might not be as streamlined as you’d like.

Here are some questions you can ask to measure the effectiveness of your current efforts:

  • Do all leads end up in a central place (regardless of their source), helping the team tackle them quickly?
  • Do you use automation to speed up replies, improve conversion rates, and enhance customers' experiences?
  • Is customer data centralised in one location, eliminating the need to copy and paste information or navigate between different platforms?
  • Can different team members collaborate when responding to inbound leads?

The answers to these questions can help you decide if you’ve adequately integrated your marketing efforts and CRM solutions or if you need to look for a more efficient solution.

How Fuzey can help your business bridge the gap

Can’t say yes to any of those questions? It’s time to use a tool like Fuzey to bridge the gap and better integrate your small business’ marketing efforts and CRM.

Here are some specific ways Fuzey can help you see better results:

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a staple for 64% of small businesses, and for a good reason. It can be highly effective.

However, to achieve your goals, you can’t leave leads hanging for days. If all your email replies go to a general enquiry inbox, it’s easy to overlook them or wait too long to respond. Ideally, you’ll automatically direct each enquiry to a particular person (the team member who’s best equipped to respond). When this happens, you don’t waste time forwarding replies and checking that they got to the right place.

Fuzey improves your email marketing strategy with automations that assign leads and conversations to specific agents. It ensures the correct person receives these email notifications and can respond right away.

Fuzey also lets you @tag your colleagues, allowing for better collaboration and fewer missed messages.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is quickly gaining popularity in the marketing world. In fact, 75% of consumers want to receive offers via text message.

Despite the growing demand for and popularity of SMS marketing, many tools are standalone platforms that don’t integrate with other solutions or offer easy access to existing customer data.

Because of these issues, marketers often have to do extra work. They might create lists from scratch or continuously switch between platforms to connect with customers, check their purchase histories, etc.

Fuzey offers a robust omni-channel solution to these problems. It brings conversations from different communication channels into one place and saves you from the constant back and forth. It also provides the context and history of marketing campaigns and communications that each contact has received.

By integrating with other platforms like Shopify or your CRM, Fuzey provides even more context on the customers' relationship with your business - all in one place.

Content Marketing

According to 67% of marketers, content marketing generates demand and leads for their business.

However, a potential downside to content marketing for lead generation is that many businesses send leads from different pieces of content to various places. For example, web chat leads might go to one location, and leads from a contact form get sent to another.

When all your leads go to different places, you might struggle to keep track of them and respond promptly. Luckily, Fuzey offers a practical alternative.

Fuzey allows you to collect messages from all your lead generation tools (form submissions, web chat conversations, WhatsApp messages, text messages, Instagram DMs, Facebook messages...) in one place. As a result, no leads fall through the cracks, and you get more conversion opportunities.

Paid advertising

Paid ads can increase brand awareness by 80%! However, Facebook and Google ads can be costly, so you must make every lead count.

You might be getting enquiries from your ads. However, how quickly do you follow up with them? What does your current process look like?

Do you have to export files to excel or contact people one by one when you have time throughout the day? Perhaps your approach is a little more sophisticated, and you import files into a CRM — but you still waste time waiting for team members to follow up. These common strategies are time-consuming and take you away from other responsibilities. However, with Fuzey, you can save time and make more sales.

Fuzey automatically imports leads from Facebook and sends automated messages across high-converting channels like WhatsApp.

This option speeds up your response time and helps you increase conversion rates. Remember that lowering response times from 30 to five minutes can lead to 20 times the conversions!

Integrate Your Small Business Marketing and CRM with Fuzey

Are you ready for a more streamlined, efficient, and effective marketing strategy? If so, Fuzey can help.

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