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How SMS marketing can help you promote your business

December 29, 2022
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How SMS marketing can help you promote your business

E-commerce local business owners have the unique opportunity to utilise the effectiveness of SMS marketing to connect, engage and convert. Let's see why!

Say Goodbye To Old-School Marketing

Creating marketing strategies in 2022 requires e-commerce marketers to work with a wide variety of channels that evolve and improve constantly. Traditional marketing methods – including email marketing, no longer work today. It's getting harder to attract and retain prospects using email marketing techniques. As a result of overcrowded email marketing campaigns bombarding the inbox, prospects have little chance of digging through the clutter and opening email marketing campaigns. While old-school marketing techniques worked until a certain point, today's savvy consumers expect brands to keep them up-to-date and informed about everything that's going on via the communication channels they're already using to chat with their friends.

SMS marketing accomplishes exactly that. According to Juniper Research, global mobile business messaging traffic is expected to increase by 10% to 2.7 trillion this year from 2.5 trillion last year. It is estimated that there will be 7.5 billion mobile users by 2024, based on Statista data collected in 2021. Face-to-face communication has lost popularity everywhere, especially in the UK, in favour of SMS or messaging. Texting has quickly and steadily become the primary form of communication among people today.

Why SMS Marketing Is The Future Of E-Commerce

There is no doubt that SMS marketing is one of the biggest trends in marketing today. According to the latest texting statistics, within one minute of receiving a text message, 1 in 3 consumers check their text notifications. The majority of consumers today want to receive text messages from the brands they know and trust. A UK study found that 91% of smartphone users read text messages sent by a local business. Not surprisingly, in comparison to last year, 27% more businesses are using SMS marketing in 2022.

SMS is accessible, adaptable and timely! By sending SMS marketing messages to current and potential customers at the right moment in the right manner, local businesses can establish a more meaningful connection with their customers. Compared to email, it messages boast an incredible open rate of 98%, and a 45% reply rate as compared to only 5% for email marketing. This makes SMS marketing the optimal way for a local business to reach consumers.

Profitable. Powerful. Proactive – SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is the most effective sales channel because it creates relationships and has the potential to convert interest into sales. A comprehensive SMS marketing plan can skyrocket your local business to the next level. It can be a valuable tool for e-commerce business owners trying to increase traffic and sales to their online stores.

Planning to scale and grow your local business? The first thing you should do is identify and plan your SMS marketing program. Then, make sure you stay GDPR compliant when doing that -  here is how!

Fuzey can help you deliver your SMS marketing program and scale your e-commerce business through messaging. Book a demo to learn more!

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