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How a WhatsApp message can save an abandoned cart

December 29, 2022
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How a WhatsApp message can save an abandoned cart

Every e-commerce business owner knows how difficult it can be to transform site visitors and engaged audience members into paying customers. No matter how slick your website or how large your social media following, encouraging users to complete their customer journey and invest in your goods and services is easier said than done. One of the most significant problems e-commerce companies encounter is cart abandonment – whereby visitors fill their virtual carts with goodies and leave the site without completing a purchase. In this handy article, we’ll explore how you can drive sales through one of the world’s most user-friendly platforms – WhatsApp.

Why does cart abandonment cause such a headache for marketers?

Cart abandonment is far more common than many of us imagine. According to recent stats, the average cart abandonment rate is close to a whopping 70%, rising to 86% for mobile shoppers. While every business experiences cart abandonment (admit it – we’ve all abandoned a cart or two!), high abandonment rates could signal problems with your user engagement strategies.

There are many reasons why people abandon carts, including poor website navigability, confusing checkout processes, or simply forgetfulness. As well as addressing the functional aspects of your website, gently encouraging visitors to revisit their abandoned goods and services is a great way to boost your all-important conversion rates. So, how should you go about this?

WhatsApp – A new way to reactivate those abandoned carts

Traditionally, marketers have addressed the problem of abandoned carts via email marketing. You’ve probably come across these emails before – they typically include subject lines such as “Looks like you’ve forgotten something…” or “Get it before it’s gone!”, helping to generate a sense of urgency and excitement around the abandoned products.

While such emails certainly limit cart abandonment, open rates for email currently sit at just over 21% across all industries – hardly promising if you want to significantly enhance sales. This is where WhatsApp comes in. With open rates close to 99%, you can rest assured that your abandoned cart messages will reach their intended recipients.

Sending friendly WhatsApp reminders about abandoned carts is a great way to make customers feel valued and enhance brand loyalty. Most people in the UK use WhatsApp to chat with their friends and family members, with many preferring the platform over SMS messaging. As such, brands that use the platform are more likely to seem approachable and reliable, while attracting seriously high engagement rates.

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