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Best messaging platform to scale an e-commerce store

December 29, 2022
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Fuzey's comprehensive dashboard with an All-in-One Inbox makes building personal connections with customers and generating revenue a breeze.
Best messaging platform to scale an e-commerce store

The Fuzey messaging platform turns SMS, WhatsApp & social media messages into a revenue generator quickly and effortlessly

A new generation of digital-first, high-growth global businesses has shaped customer expectations and behaviour in recent years. Today's customer is increasingly demanding choice, speed & personalisation. Creating a unique customer experience tailored to consumers is crucial to the success of any e-commerce brand. The truth is, people are addicted to social media, where they expect hyper-fast communication and personalised service. Fuzey's comprehensive dashboard with an All-in-One Inbox makes building personal connections with customers and generating revenue a breeze.

Connect with consumers on the platforms they love

To grow your e-commerce business, you need to build strong connections with consumers. According to Sprout Social, 78% of consumers say brands should use social media. Consumers feel more connected to brands that use social media and SMS communication to keep them informed. As a result, these brands appear more credible and trustworthy. Forbes reports that 64% of consumers believe businesses should text their customers more often, and 74% say they have a positive impression of businesses that text them.

Single channel approach is no longer enough

Does your business rely solely on emails for communication? Are you using a contact form with little to no luck? Providing a single method of contacting your e-commerce business is no longer enough. Modern tech-savvy consumers expect to be able to choose from a variety of channels to stay connected with their favourite companies and brands. It’s no longer sufficient to just offer email and contact form! Consumers expect more from companies these days: SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger!

Fuzey's Omni-channel Widget

A widget that works for you and your customer

With Fuzey's Omni-Channel Widget you can give your website visitors the option of contacting you through their preferred channel. Your prospects and customers will have a choice of how they want to interact, so you can put their preferences  front and centre, right at the heart of your e-commerce business.

Struggling to convert website visitors into customers? Take a look at how Fuzey can help: read here.

Never miss a lead with with Fuzey's All-in-One Inbox

Fuzey's All-in-One Inbox

With Fuzey's All-in-One Inbox, you'll never miss a lead again. Keep all enquiries and conversations in a single intuitive inbox, no matter what platform they come from. This ensures that you never miss another opportunity in the future because you were too busy and struggled to monitor all your channels.

Stay on top of all communication even when you're on the go. Respond swiftly from the one-view inbox that works across web and mobile, making it simple for you to connect with your customers anywhere and anytime. Fuzey makes sending and receiving SMS, WhatsApp and social media messaging simple, so you don't have to worry about anything other than your customers.

Here’s more around why your e-commerce business needs a one-stop messaging platform that rules customer communication. Learn more here!

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