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An easy-to-use tool to boost your business online

December 29, 2022
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An easy-to-use tool to boost your business online

As a business owner, you know it can be challenging to enhance your online reputation and build brand awareness. Fuzey helps local businesses and e-commerce owners boost their business and build a stellar online presence. As a result, you can convert those one-time customers into loyal patrons! With Fuzey at your fingertips, it's simple to build online credibility through customer reviews!

Reviews Are Valuable For Your Local Business

Attract More Customers

It’s common for consumers to read online reviews before deciding to make a purchase: according to 84% of consumers, reviews are critical when making a purchase decision. For 68% of consumers, viewing 1-6 reviews is the first step to forming an opinion.

It’s therefore not surprising that the likelihood of a product selling is 270% higher if it has five reviews than if it has none.

Reviews even determine consumers’ willingness to pay! When a local business has a healthy online reputation, research shows that consumers are willing to pay 22% more for products.

Rank Higher On Google

As part of its algorithm, Google evaluates the quality, frequency, and timeliness of all online reviews. Businesses that consistently receive a large number of five-star ratings and reviews are more likely to appear higher on the Google Search engine and Google Maps. Google dominates 92.70% of global search volume, so considering what determines your ranking on Google should be a big priority for your local business!

The number of customer reviews and the review score from Google play a significant role in local search rankings. You can improve your local business ranking by getting more customer reviews and positive ratings. Getting solid reviews increases your online visibility and generates more business!

With Fuzey, You Can Collect Reviews Effortlessly

Because reviews are so important for your business, it’s essential that your process for requesting and collecting reviews is effortless both for you (you don’t need more admin!) and your customers (so they won’t say no!).

Fuzey simplifies the process for collecting online reviews, allowing clients to leave reviews with ease, and saving you time, so you can request as many reviews as you want. Request reviews instantly by selecting from preset templates and manage all your requests from one powerful inbox. Your customers are prompted to write a review directly on your Google Maps profile. It's simple, and customers love it!

Make sure you check out this article for more tips on how to strengthen your online presence through high-quality customer reviews.

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