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5 reasons why you should respond to online reviews

July 20, 2021
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5 reasons why you should respond to online reviews

Responding to online reviews helps businesses establish trust and credibility with customers. In fact, responding to your online reviews and starting a dialogue with your customers is one of the most valuable actions you can take for your business. Here are five reasons it’s important to respond to online reviews.

1. Responding to online reviews increases business visibility online

Responding to online reviews helps businesses appear more prominently in online searches. This visibility plays a significant role in whether a customer will consider your business. Fresh reviews and responses increase the frequency your business appears in search engines, meaning more customers!

2. Responding to online reviews transforms a negative experience into a positive one

It can be daunting to receive negative feedback from a customer, but it’s also an opportunity to make it right. By apologizing and offering them empathy, you take accountability and show your customer that you understand their perspective. And the final step? After showing compassion, offer a solution to make up for the customer’s negative experience — leaving them with a positive experience.

3. Responding to online reviews shows other customers that they can trust you

Besides increasing your visibility to potential customers online, responding to reviews demonstrates that you care about your customers. It is a tangible example of why they can trust you and how you’re committed to ensuring that they have a positive experience. Receiving a response to their review leaves customers keener to work with you than another business that has not responded to their thoughts online.

4. Responding to online reviews guarantees customers will be happier than when they left the review

Dialogue with a customer ensures customers are happier than when they wrote the review — whether positive or negative. If they wrote a positive review, they’ll be even more delighted when you respond and engage with them online. If the review was negative, you’ll have the chance to make it up to them. You’ll also be able to identify more issues in real-time — improving your services and resolving the problem for your next (even happier) customer.

5. Responding to online reviews converts one-time customers into loyalists

You don’t just want customers; you want loyal customers who will go out and recommend your services to their friends and family. Responding to online reviews helps solidify your relationship with your customers and ensures they'll return while encouraging others to use your services, too

The first step in responding to online reviews is getting reviews from customers, and Fuzey makes it easy! Here’s how you can request reviews from customers with just a few clicks. If you'd like to learn more, book a demo with our team!

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